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Budget Review Process Calendar for 2020 Budget

Date Event
Mid March 2020 budget request materials distributed to city departments
May 14* 2020 budget requests due from city departments to Budget Office
Mid July Requested Budget Summary published in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
August 15 Mayor's Public Hearing on the 2020 Budget
September 24** Mayor presents 2020 Proposed Executive Budget to the Common Council
Common Council Chambers
September 27 Proposed Budget and Notice of Joint Public Hearing published in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
October Finance & Personnel Committee Hearings on the 2020 Proposed Budget

October 7
6:30 pm

Joint Public Hearing on the 2020 Proposed Budget
Common Council Chambers
200 E. Wells St., 3rd Floor
October 31 Finance & Personnel Committee Budget Amendment Day
November 8***
9:00 am
Budget Adoption
Common Council Chambers


Note: Dates and times will be added as they become available.  Dates are subject to change.

*Statutory Deadline Second Tuesday in May
**Statutory Deadline September 28
***Statutory Deadline November 14



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