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About Us

The Budget and Management Division serves as the City's executive budget office. Its responsibilities include development of the annual executive budget; implementation of the adopted budget; management analysis of City operations; and development and analysis of fiscal policy and legislative proposals.

Financial Objectives

Two strategic objectives guide the work of the Budget and Management Division:

  1. Provide mission critical services while limiting the increase in tax levy and municipal service charges on the typical residential property to 3% or less.
  2. Manage long term obligations such as core infrastructure, debt, and pension benefits in a manner that stabilizes ongoing funding requirements.

Budget Strategies

Structural balance is a government’s ability to fund existing expenditures over time with its projected ongoing revenues. The City’s strategy to achieve structural balance includes three main components:

  1. Resize: Reduce the scale of city government operations
  2. Restructure: Increase productivity and reduce staffing through technology, automation, and functional consolidations
  3. Reinvest: Make strategic investments in equipment, data applications, process improvements, and people; and engage in redevelopment to improve the tax base and economic opportunities
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Budget Office
200 E. Wells Street
Room 603
Milwaukee, WI 53202  


City of Milwaukee Budget & Management Director  Dennis Yaccarino  

Budget & Management Director

Dennis Yaccarino

Phone: 414-286-8552
Fax: 414-286-5475