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Local Economic Impacts

November 18, 2011
Martin Associates – Lancaster, PA

The ECONOMIC IMPACTS of the PORT OF MILWAUKEE cover imageThese results of the Port of Milwaukee Economic Impact Study isolate the economic impacts created by all cargo and vessel activity at the Port of Milwaukee. The impacts include cargo moving on Canadian flag, U.S. flag, and foreign flag vessels to and from the Port.

The Martin Associates’ study team conducted detailed interviews with marine terminal operators, service providers, railroads, port tenants and other stakeholders at the Port of Milwaukee. All firms were contacted by telephone and interviewed to collect the data required to assess direct impacts.

The Port of Milwaukee Economic Impact Study Results for 2010



Direct Jobs 624
Induced Jobs 498
Indirect Jobs


Total Jobs



Personal Income

Direct (1,000) $28,674
Consumption (1,000) $62,136
Indirect (1,000) $12,020

Total (1,000)


Business Revenue (1,000) $145,827
Local Purchases (1,000) $24,025
State Taxes (1,000) $11,311
Federal Taxes (1,000) $18,509

Total Taxes (1,000)



Note: Totals may not add due to rounding.

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