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Employee Assistance Program Newsletters

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2020- March

Social Media and Mental Health, Constructive Disagreement, Quiet Your Mind, and Wellness Resources.


Family Survival Guide for the Holidays, Self Care During the Holidays, Holiday Sobriety, Wellness Resources


Festivals, BBQ's and Booze, Key Traits for Successful Work Teams and Tough Topic


Reactions to Stressful Events, What to Expect in Counseling, Do I Have a Drinking Problem, Managing a Workgroup Under Pressure, Road Rage, Quick Stress Management Tips


E-cigarette Use In Youth, Tips For New College Parents and Manage Conflicts,


12 Days of Gratitude Challenge, Tis' the Season...for Stress, Managing the Holiday Blues, Co-Parenting Holiday Scheduling, Grief and Bereavement During the Holidays, The Grinches and Sober Holidays.


How Supervisors can reduce work stress, Introducing the DPW Peer Support Team, How to work with a Micromanager, How to deal with a negative co-worker and Sleep Hygiene.


Prescription Drug Misuse, Caring for an Elder : Summer Heat, Supervising/ Managing after a Difficult Event, Adult ADHD in the Workplace and Mood Boosters at Work


Getting Your Beauty Sleep. Seven Steps to End a Grudge. Helping Someone Who is Upset. Want to Change your Work Reputation? Relapse Prevention Tips. Slow Down for Mental Health.

2017 - March

Breathing for Relaxation or Energy; The Little Voice In Our Heads; Build Assertiveness; A Manager's Guide to Organizational Change; How to Give Difficult Advice

2017- December

Seasonal Affective Disorder: Winter Blues?? Bah Humbug!: The Lessons Scrooge Learned. Isn’t Everyone Stressed During the Holidays?? Grief and Bereavement During The Holidays. Making My New Year’s Resolution Stick...No, For Real This Time. Co-Parenting During the Holidays. Sobriety During the Holidays

2017 - September

The employee assistance program, or EAP, is a counseling service for City of Milwaukee employees and their family who may be experiencing personal or work place problems. Everyone has problems from time to time. Usually, we work them out. But sometimes problems persist, becoming serious enough to affect us both off and on the job. At such times, an EAP may be able to help.

2017 - June

Breathing for Relaxation or Energy; The Little Voice in Our Heads; Build Assertiveness; A Manager's Guide to Organizational Change; Change Questions; How to Give Difficult Advice

2016 - December

Keep Calm and Holiday On; How to Take the Joy Out of the Holidays; The Gift of Laughter; Alone on the Holidays; The Winter Blues; The Holidays Sober; Last Minute Give Ideas

2016 - September

Communicating with Your Child's Teacher; Take Note: The Benefits of Music; Improve Your Memory; Body Language in the Workplace; Tips for Maintaining Sobriety; The Platinum Rule

2016 - June

Take A Hike: The Outdoors and Mental Health; Coaching Employees; Employee Coaching Worksheet; Heroin: An Overview; Gardening: Good for Mind and Body; The Art of Negotiating

2015 - September

Are You Obsessing?; Mentally Strong; Your Child's First Year in College; I'm Sorry, So Why are You Still Angry?; Dealing with A Personal Crisis at Work

2015 - June

Summer, Milwaukee and Booze; Talking to Your Parent About Long Term Care; Three Ways to Keep Depression at Bay; Psychological Contract and Work Satisfaction; Kindness is Contagious; Tips for Renters

2015 - March

Respect in the Workplace; Communicating with Your Partner/Spouse; Causes of Alcohol/Substance Relapse; Change, Accept, or Let Go; Forgiveness; When to Get Help; Operation: Stronger Together

2014 - December

Holiday Rudeness?!; Grief and Loss During the Holidays; The Holiday Spending Creep; Creating the Holiday Spirit; Drug Abuse Screen Test; Mindfulness During the Holidays; Sobriety During the Holidays

2014 - September

Job Burnout; Co-Parenting for Divorced/Separated Parents; What I Need from my Mom and Dad; What Happens after an OWI Conviction?; Drinking and Driving/Drive Sober App; Shift Work and Sleep; How is Your Sleep?

2014 - June

Anger Mangement; Resolving Employee Conflicts; Conflict Resolution Tips; Making A Change?; Mental Health Stigma; Alcohol and Depression; How to Say "No"

2014 - March

How to Lose Your Best Employees; What is Your Emotional Resiliency?; Exercise Beyond Fitness; Sandwich Generation; Foreclosure Risk

2013 - December

Shopping and Stress; Assertiveness; Energy Assistance; Legal Tips; Recovery; Working in Teams

2013 - September

Back to School Talk; Poor Job Satisfaction?; Decision Making; Trust in the Workplace; Opiates and Pain Killers; Wellness

2013 - June

Mental Health Apps; What is Your Emotional Intelligence (EI)?; How to Improve Your EI; Managing Morale; Financial Tips, Information and Education; Collaborative Divorce?

2013 - March

How to Build Rapport; Characteristics of A Lasting Relationship; Quick Fixes to Manage Anxiety; Postpartum Depression; Responding to Criticism at Work; Tips for Relapse Prevention; Being Harassed by Debt Collectors?

2012 - December

Gratitude during the Holidays; Crunch Time? - Manage your effort and TIme in 6 Steps; Surviving the Holidays with A Mental Illness; PERMA for Well-being and Happiness; Work To-Do Lists made Easier; Alcohol Recovery During the Holidays; Divorce, Children and the Holidays

2012 - September

Bully Proof Your Child; How to Pay Off Multiple Credit Cards; After a Depression/BiPolar Diagnosis; What is Professionalism?; 22 Stress Relieving Activities; What Happens at A 12-Step Meeting

2012 - June

Put on Your Thinking Hats!; 5 Credit Card Tips; Couples 101; What are Support Groups?; Exercise and Substance/Alcohol Use; Reintegrating the Military Veteran

2012 - March

Building Team Accountability; Fears and Facts about Counseling; How to Influence at Work; More Money Saving Tips; Adolescent Mental Health; Coping with Cravings; Improve your Level of Happiness

2011 - December

New Year's Resolution; Healthy Eating during the Holidays; What is Credit Counseling?; Parenting in Tough Economic times; Grief during the Holidays; Prescription Drug Use

2011 - September

Caring for an Elder; Stress Busting Tips; Bankruptcy Attorney; Diet Myths; Back to School Anxiety; Stages of Addiction

2011 - June

Coping with Chronic Pain; Less Painful Ways to Save Money; Legal Tips; Diet Myth; Workplace Bullying; Time Management; Family Member Drinking

2011 - March

What is Bipolar DIsorder?; How to Stand Out at Work; Diet Myths Debunked; Parenting Styles...Which One is Best?; Resolving Differences in Parenting; Quick Utility/Energy Money Savers; Addicted?

2010 - December

Depression; Practical Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress; You are What You Eat; Every Day Exercise; Diet Myth; Creating a Personal Budget; Avoiding Overdraft Fees; Credit Question and Answer; Wellness; Substance Abuse Myths

2010 - September

20 Ways to Use Your EAP; 10 Communication Building Skills; Conflict Resolution; Diet Myths; Managing Anxiety; Tips on Talking to Kids; 12 Gasoline Saving Tips

employee assistance program, city of milwaukee EAP

Contact Us

Cris Zamora
Employee Assistance & Resource Coordinator
Phone: (414) 286-3145
TDD: (414) 286-2960
8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. (weekdays),
except major holidays

Call to schedule a confidential consultation.

Department of Employee Relations
Employee Benefits Division
City Hall, Room 706
200 E. Wells Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3515

  • After-hour emergencies are directed to the County Crisis Unit at (414) 257-7222.
  • United Health Care members: For immediate after-hours mental health/counseling referrals contact Care24Hotline: 1-800-942-4746; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Child Abuse: Call (414) 220-7233 to report physical, sexual, emotional or neglect cases. Calls can be made anonymously.
  • Adults who are victims: Call adult protection (414) 289-6660 to report a vulnerable adult who is dependent on others for care or incompetent, who is at risk for neglect or abuse.

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