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Important Dates




January 1st

Determination date for ownership and usage of exempt properties.

March 1st

Last day to file personal property return I.E. Statement of Personal Property (PA-003)

Last day to file Property Tax Exemption Request (PR-230)

Last day to file Low Income Housing Exemption – Property Owner’s Certificate of Occupancy (PR-231)

March 31st

Biennial Exemption Report due (PC-220)

Biennial Exemption Report – multiple properties due (PC-220A)

Middle of April

Assessment notices mailed to property owners and assessment roll available for inspection

Second Monday in May

Board of Assessors convenes, Board of Review convenes

Third Monday
in May

Deadline for filing written objections

January 31

Full payment of taxes due OR if paying in installments, due date of first tax installment payment