Tenant's Responsibilities 

Things a tenant must know!
While the property owner is responsible for many maintenance items, tenants are also responsible for some items, and may be liable under the law if they don't fulfill their responsibilities. Some of the major things that tenants are responsible for are:

Fire Safety

___ Don't tamper with the smoke detector or remove its battery. Smoke detectors save lives.
___ Test your smoke detector regularly. If it doesn't work notify the owner in writing
___ Piles of trash must be removed. They can cause a fire and keep you from escaping if there is a fire.



___ Keep your unit clean and sanitary to help control rats & roaches.
___ Keep your appliances, stove, oven, refrigerator, etc., clean to help control rats & roaches.
___ Put your trash and garbage in the garbage carts or dumpsters.
___ Keep your bathroom fixtures clean and clear of things that will clog them.

If any of the above items are not complied with, it may be a violation of the law that could be grounds for prosecution which could result in a fine of $150 to $10,000. It may also result in your being evicted. Please help yourself & us by taking care of these things immediately.

Often landlords can avoid complaints by keeping illegal activity out of their property. The department offers FREE training on a regular basis to those owning or managing property. See the Landlord Training Program page for more information. 

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