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Landlord Training Calendar

Virtual Landlord Training, Wednesday

Date:October 5th, 2022
Location:This class is virtual. Please log-on 15-minutes early with the link provided in the confirmation email, AND YOUR COMPLETE NAME FOR ATTENDANCE PURPOSES. You may register, if space allows: [email protected] or (414) 286-2954. Arrange to have a quality computer/smart phone/tablet and a strong internet connection for the program (you will be glad you did)
The Landlord Training classes are FREE and held on a regular basis throughout the year in a virtual setting. Due to the complexities and pitfalls of this new format and the ever-changing proclamations, please have patience, and recognize class sizes are going to be reduced. The classes are generally two, 2.5 hour sessions with an hour break in-between (6 hours total). Attendees get a free 100 page comprehensive manual on a variety of legal and business issues related to managing a property. (NOTE: The Class is meant only as an overview, and to provide sources for information relating to the business of landlording; legal advice cannot be administered). Taking notes is recommended, and there is a survey, open-book quiz* and list of rental properties requirement** for a certificate (i.e. you will not receive a certificate without providing the necessary documents). To register for an Upcoming Landlord Training Class, please provide the following information: full name, address with ZIP, email address, telephone number, and the date(s) of the class you prefer, and please email [email protected] *More than three wrong answers on the open-book quiz, and it will be returned to you to correct all mistakes. It IS HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED THAT PARTICIPANTS COMPLETE THE QUIZ AS THEY GO-THROUGH THE SLIDESHOW. **This sheet is ONLY REQUIRED IF THE PARTICIPANT CURRENTLY OWNS OR MANAGES RENTAL PROPERTY IN THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE! -There is a one-hour break from in the middle of the training
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