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 2014 Pre-Demolition Asbestos Abatement Request for Proposals

Requests for Proposal will be received until 9:00 a.m. Central Time, MONDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2013. Any proposals received after that time may be rejected and returned unopened. 

Question: Under (f) Contractor’s Proposal Submittal Checklist, can you direct us to items j & K (forms) and  Items L (certification?

  • Item J - Attachment A - shall be considered the documents titled: Cost Of Project Summary; This is the two sample projects 2716 W Meinecke St. and 2410 W Garfield Av., together with the asbestos reports and the 8-page unit cost of services.
  • Item K – Attachment A-1 - Shall be considered the Proposal Documents. These are the last four pages of the RFP link.
  • Federal Funding Certification is not a requirement for this Job. However, Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) that may want to be considered for other project opportunities should provide their Certification of Eligibility for Federal Funding.

Question: Is this a prevailing wage job?

  • No! Prevailing wage will not be required for abatement of 1 and two-family dwellings. In the event you are asked to perform abatement on a commercial property, we will provide express notification when prevailing wage is required.

Question: Your Cost of Project Summary page has a box for additional material found. What is required in that box?

  • During this asbestos abatement project, the abatement contractor will be asked to do destructive sampling to identify potential additional asbestos prior to demolition so that cost can be included in the bid. Additional material found, type and quantity would be listed in this box.

Question: The Harenda sampling report (pg. 3 for 2410 W Garfield) list transite siding on the south, east and north walls. It also lists the quantity as 2400 sq. ft. Why didn’t they sample the fourth wall? Am I to assume the fourth wall is also hot and is it included in the 2400 sq. ft.

  • Yes, based on the number of positive samples (75%) you should assume that the other wall is hot and the quantity is included in the total sq. ft.

Question: Will we be required to perform asbestos and hazardous material inspections as part of the contract? If so, what are the requirements for this?

  • No! Asbestos inspections are performed under a different contract. However, you may be required to perform destructive sampling and provide pricing for additional abatement as part of your bid when additional asbestos is found. The additional requirement is to include the cost of same and description in your cost of project summary.

Question: Can we get more time to respond to this RFP.

  • No. We cannot predict every eventuality as part of the RFP. The goal is to get competitive proposal based on a sampling of specific facts. Given the same set of data, those proposals will then be reviewed by a committee who will determine which proposal best meets the city’s need. We will then select a contractor to exclusively perform this service as part of our demolition program.
  • While I agree this is a large undertaking, let’s keep it in perspective. This will be a contract for abatement of approximately 20% of the total demolitions we perform. The cost of said abatement represents less than 10% of the total allocation for demolitions in 2014. The requests for abatement will occur in packages 10-20 at a time. Some having minor abatement concerns, others requiring more time and labor commitments. However, they will all be for residential properties (save a few exceptions) that typically would be exempt under DNR regulations.
  • DNS spends a large percentage of our time managing service providers who provide specialized service related to demolitions. It has been our experience that contractors providing that specialized service are prepared and able to give quality presentations within the time frame we have provided.
  • Since turnaround time is one of the criteria required in meeting the city’s needs, I think it important that a time constraint be applied to this process. Contractors who regularly perform this specialized service should have no problem gathering the data required, under this RFP, to meet the current deadline. Additional presentation is outside the scope of the RFP.