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Residency Requirement for Emergency Personnel

On July 26, 2016 the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee adopted legislation imposing a residency requirement on law enforcement, fire, and emergency personnel to reside within 15 miles of the jurisdictional boundaries of the City. (CC File # 160453: Effective 10/11/2016).

This charter ordinance, adopted pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 66.0502 (4)(b), provided the Board of City Service Commissioners (CSC) the authority to designate the classifications and/or assignments in the city service considered as emergency personnel for purposes of this requirement. The designation of emergency personnel for positions in the Fire and Police Departments is under the jurisdiction of the Fire and Police Commission.

Emergency positions in the City Service generally include those that require incumbents to be available to respond to emergency calls for service either to assess the emergency situation and dispatch personnel and equipment as necessary and positions that are required to perform time sensitive emergency repairs or maintenance activities critical in securing the health, safety or protection of residents of the city. The following positions or assignments have been classified as emergency for purposes of this provision:

  • a. Water Distribution Utility Investigator, Municipal Services Electrician, and Water Field Supervisor in the Department of Public Works, Milwaukee Water Works;
  • b. Sewer Field Investigator and Sewer Crew Leader in the Department of Public Works, Infrastructure Services Division;
  • c. Carpenter in the Department of Public Works, Facilities Division;
  • d. Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor and Heating and Ventilating Mechanic III in the Milwaukee Health Department;
  • e. Telecommunication Analyst-Project Leader, Telecommunications Analyst-Sr, Telecommunications Manager in the Information Technology Management Division of the Department of Administration.
  • f. Employees of the Department of Public Works who as a result of job picks are members of the A, B, or C Teams for snow and ice control operations.
  • g. Employees of the Department of Public Works who are who are regularly involved in supervising snow and ice control operations as identified in the Salary Ordinance.

All new employees hired into a position subject to this residency requirement and any incumbent employee who at any time has his/her position designated as subject to this residency requirement, are granted a period of time not to exceed six months from the date of hire or the date upon which the emergency designation becomes effective. The six month period following the effective date of the adoption of the rule expires on May 6, 2017. Employees who are subject to this residency requirement may request extensions or temporary exceptions from the Commission in accordance with the authority delegated to it by the City Charter.

A map depicting the 15 mile boundary is available (click here for map).  To zoom in on the streets, click the + sign that appears when you hover the cursor near the bottom of the map.