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NEW Dental Plan Providers

A comprehensive RFP process was completed for the City's dental providers and several important changes are taking place in 2018.  A Delta Dental PPO plan will replace the current MetLife PPO fee-for-service plan.  For the City's two pre-paid dental plan options, CarePlus will remain in 2018 and the current Anthem DentalBlue Plan will be replaced by a Delta Dental EPO option.  Members will not have to pre-select a dental clinic at the beginning of the year with the Delta Dental EPO Plan.

Due to these changes, EMPLOYEES who want 2018 dental coverage MUST RE-ENROLL in dental benefits during the open enrollment period October 23 through November 10, 2017.


In 2018, the following dental plans are offered to eligible employees:

  1. CarePlus Dental
  2. Delta Dental EPO (replaces Anthem Dental Blue)
  3. Delta Dental PPO (replaces MetLife PPO)
Please see the 2018 Rate Charts for Active Employees and more information is available on each plan in the Benefits Guide.

Enrollment Status/ Self Service

Employees are responsible for keeping their enrollment status, including births and marriages, current through the City's Self Service program at All employees must have their Employee ID number (6-digits) and a password to access self service.  To request or reset a password go to

Employees who do not enroll in the City's Health plan must complete the Health Waiver Form below for Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting purposes.  Please return the Waiver Form to DER Benefits Division, Room 701, City Hall.

Only HACM, WCD and MEDC employees should use the Dental Enrollment Form below.  All City of Milwaukee employees enroll online through self service.

Care-Plus Dental

Delta Dental EPO

The Delta Dental EPO plan provides access to more than 350 dentists in the Milwaukee area. Plan participants can also access Delta Dental's national PPO network for added savings outside of the Milwaukee area.  Dentists in the PPO network provide the best value and offer the greatest discounts, saving employees the most money.

Please note: Most Forward Dental dentists are covered under the Dental Dental EPO plan. Check the website to verify.

Delta Dental PPO

The Delta Dental PPO plan provides coverage for any dentist inside or outside the state of Wisconsin.  PPO network dentists provide the best discounts and save employees the most money.  Employees can also choose Delta Dental Premier dentists, but the discounts aren't as good and seeing a Delta Dental Premier dentist will not save employees as much money as seeing a Delta Dental PPO dentist. Dentists outside of the two networks are covered, however, those services are not provided at a discounted rate.

Delta Dental General Resources


If you have questions regarding your benefits, unpaid bills, or problems with service, please call your health or dental plan. DO NOT call Employee Benefits until you have contacted your health or dental plan and are unable to arrive at a resolution. Employee Benefits will attempt to assist you to resolve your problem, but in no case will Employee Benefits attempt to change, question or provide a medical opinion. Remember to document all your conversations with dates, times and names. We will ask you for this information when you call our office.

If you are an ACTIVE employee, please contact the Employee Benefits Division at 286-3184, or click here to send an E-Mail message.

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