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500+ Program 

The City of Milwaukee will offer first consideration to interested homebuyers who live or owns within 500 feet of a City owned property and will occupy the property. This consideration will be offered for the first 30 days of the listing of a property. If you live or own within 500 feet of a City owned property you can also refer someone and they’ll qualify under this program with your referral. 

Please also note:
Offers will be evaluated by purchase price.

Within the first 30 days, first consideration will be given to buyers with the 500+ notice.

500+ Program Form
500+ Program Special Addendum

If two complete, identical acceptable offers to purchase are received from owner occupant buyers, during the first 30 day listing period, if all offer terms and conditions are equal, the buyer with the 500+ notice will be given first consideration.

Sample offers:

Offer A

Offer B

Owner occupant buyer

Owner occupant buyer

Includes all required documentation

Includes all required documentation

$20,000 purchase price

$20,000 purchase price

No 500+ Letter

Valid 500+ letter


Offer B would be given first consideration.

You can view City-Owned properties for sale on our City Homes page.

City of Milwaukee Department of City Development  


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