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Brownfield Site Inventory

Each of these unique and highly successful projects used various resources to redevelop a blighted, Brownfield property.

Tax Delinquent Brownfields

Current owners of these sites have not paid their property taxes for one or more years. Based on at least an initial screening of these properties (including a historical land use check and a site visit), the City has decided not to foreclose because of potential environmental contamination. However, the City (using State Statute 75.106) may begin foreclosure, and then assign the foreclosure judgment to a new party that will remediate and redevelop the site. Testing may demonstrate that the site is clean or needs limited environmental clean-up.

DCD maintains a list of these sites.  If you find a property of interest on this list, check Map Milwaukee for a map of the area around the property and click on City of Milwaukee Property Information to view more information about the property.


Mothballed Industrial Sites

Mothballed sites are privately-owned and underutilized, but are not always tax delinquent. These may be contaminated based on present and/or historical land uses. Interested parties should contact the owner of the property directly to see if the owner is interested in a potential sale. They should also contact the City to discuss cooperative efforts to address property redevelopment and potential financial incentives.


City or RACM Owned

These are sites that the City already owns, and where some level of environmental assessment has exposed real or perceived environmental concern. Contact Matt Haessly at 286-5736 to discuss these sites.



The list shows parcels in the City of Milwaukee that are property tax delinquent and that the City believes to be "brownfields" (that is, the City believes the parcels may be adversely affected by environmental contamination). (See Wisconsin Statute Section 560.13(1)(a), defining "brownfields" as "abandoned, idle or underused industrial or commercial facilities or sites, the expansion or redevelopment of which is adversely affected by actual or perceived environmental contamination").

The list of tax-delinquent brownfield parcels is an ever-changing. Sometimes the owners pay the delinquencies and the parcels drop, or will drop, from the list. Sometimes other parcels get added to the list as they go property tax delinquent. Because this list is ever changing, please double-check all information provided by contacting Matt Haessly at 286-5736 or Mat Reimer at 286-5693.

The City of Milwaukee, and its Department of City Development ("DCD") believe that the data provided within this site is correct. However, no warranty or guaranty, express or implied, is made with respect to its accuracy. The data, in any event, is, as indicated, subject to change, and is provided on an "as is" basis. Verify all data on your own prior to making decisions. The City (and its departments, including DCD and the Treasurer) are not responsible for: the content of any site linked through this site; for any inaccuracy or mistake in this site or in any site linked hereby; for any damage caused by any virus imported with any file from this site, or from any hyperlinked site.

While the City does not own the parcels on the list, in the right circumstances, the City can cause title to be transferred to developers who are willing to improve the parcels.


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