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COVID-19 Resources for Business

In an effort to provide information and resources to address the current issue we are facing nationwide, we have compiled this list of resources for businesses. We intend to update this periodically as new programs and resources present themselves. Please check back for updates.

As a first step, businesses should first contact their lender or bank to see what relief their lending institution can offer. This point has been highly stressed as an important first action. Many banks are able to assist businesses in SBA loan applications. When reaching out, businesses should make sure to note the date, time and name of the bank representative they talked to. It would also be helpful for them to get any agreements for relief in writing for their records.


Quick Access Links:

Thank you to partner organizations who have compiled many of the resources and links shared below (Milwaukee Downtown BID 21, WEDC)

City of Milwaukee - Small Business Guidance and Resources

  • Milwaukee Health Department - For technical information on the Novel Coronavirus also referred to as COVID-19, visit the Milwaukee Health Department's Novel Corona Virus Webpage.

  • Guidance for Businesses- Please visit the following link for the Moving Milwaukee Forward Safely page on the Health Department Website for guidance. (Updated 5/22/2020)

  • Property Tax Exemption Guidance - For owner's of Tax-Exempt property, please refer to the Assessor's Office webpage for more information: Assessor's Office

  • Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) - MEDC is a private non-profit corporation that serves Milwaukee businesses by providing low interest loans and other resources. Visit MEDC's website or call (414) 269-1440. (Added 3/20/2020)

Financial Assistance - Loans and Grants

  • Main Street Bounceback Grants from WEDC

    • The Main Street Bounceback Grants program provides $10,000 to new or existing businesses and non-profit organizations moving into vacant properties in Wisconsin’s downtowns and commercial corridors. Funds can be used to pay leases or mortgages, operational expenses and other business costs related to the newly opened location. The program is open to new or existing businesses opening a new location or expanding operations in a vacant commercial space as of January 1, 2021. Grant funds are available as part of the American Recovery Plan Act and will be distributed by WEDC’s regional partners. Businesses must apply through the partner organization for the region in which they are located. Find out more on the Main Street Bounceback Webpage. (Added 8/23/21)

  • Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) Fast Track Loan Program - For current and new small business clients, WWBIC is offering fast track loans up to $15,000 and Lines of Credit for up to $10,000! (Updated 3/18/21)

  • Kiva has expanded lending terms and eligibility to help small businesses impacted by the pandemic. Downtown businesses in our communities that are women-, minority- and/or veteran-owned are also eligible for a 50% match from WEDC to expedite their loan. Encourage businesses to apply, and/or sign up to be a lender on the Kiva website. Effective immediately, U.S. applicants for a Kiva loan will have access to the following:

    1. Expanded eligibility: More businesses in the US will be eligible for a Kiva loan than ever.

    2. Larger loans: The maximum loan on the Kiva platform will increase from $10,000 to $15,000.

    3. Grace period: New borrowers may access a grace period of up to 6 months for greater financial flexibility. If you have questions and would like to contact a local Kiva rep, contact Amy via e-mail: [email protected] or text - 414-220-0177(Added 3/19/2020)

  • Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) Milwaukee - LISC has assembled a list of links and resources for businesses for COVID-19. (Updated 3/9/2022)

    • Brew City Match COVID Resources- The City of Milwaukee is proud to be a partner on Brew City Match. As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds, Brew City Match is taking action to ensure that we continue to support the people and places where we work. Our goal is to mitigate economic impact in our communities. 

      The Brew City Match COVID-19 Small Business Emergency Loan Fund that provides zero interest loans to small businesses to assist with rent, payroll, and additional
      For more information visit: (Updated 3/9/2022)

  • Latino Chamber of Commerce of Southeast Wisconsin - The Más Fuertes program aims to provide socioeconomic relief and economic empowerment to Small businesses with 20 or less employees and the self employed who have been marginalized in all current relief programs by Federal, State and Local Government. The program is specifically designed to address the economic trauma that the Latino Community is suffering using culturally and linguistically relevant solutions centered in an individualized case management approach that leads to long term sustainability and immediate liquidity to Latino micro-enterprises.

  • UW Credit Union Emergency Personal Loan - For those members who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, they are offering a low-rate personal loan to help with budgeting concerns. (Added 3/19/2020)

Business Technical Assistance and Coaching Resources

  • BackTo.Biz - Your one-stop resource to get your business back on track

    • "Back To Biz is a free program designed to help your business recover and grow. It features a collection of more than 400 actionable video lessons, informative interviews, success stories, articles and tools from a diverse and renowned set of innovative entrepreneurs. The content is designed to help you expand your knowledge and skills on a wide range of topics, including hiring talent, selling online, building your brand, pivoting business models, creating new revenue streams, finding your ideal customers, managing stress and more." For more information, visit the BackTo.Biz website

  • Wisconsin Women's Business Initiative Corporation (WWBIC) Loan and Technical Assistance Resources

  • Wisconscin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) Vaccince Guidance for All Businesses - Visit WEDC's Vaccine Guidance for All Businesses Page for helpful vaccine information for employers. (Added 4/05/2021)

Milwaukee Business Improvement Districts

Non Profit Resources

  • Milwaukee Responds Fund (for Non-Profits) - Milwaukee Responds offers COVID resources for Non-Profit partners with a focus on the areas of food, housing & shelter, medical services/clinics, mental health and early childhood and K-12 education activities. Visit the Milwaukee Responds page for information on how to apply or donate.

  • IFF List of Resources for Non-Profits for COVID


Freelance/Artist Resources


Recursos contra COVID-19 para Negocios (español)

  • Subvenciones de Recuperación de la Calle Principal ("Main Street Bounceback") de WEDC

    • El programa de Subvenciones de "Main Street Bounceback" provee $10,000 a empresas nuevas o existentes y a organizaciones sin fines de lucro que se muden a propiedades vacías en los centros comerciales y corredores comerciales de Wisconsin. Los fondos se pueden utilizar para pagar arrendamientos o hipotecas, gastos operativos y otros costos comerciales relacionados con la ubicación recién inaugurada. El programa está abierto a empresas nuevas o existentes que abran una nueva ubicación o amplíen sus operaciones en un espacio comercial vacante a partir del 1 de enero de 2021. Los fondos de la subvención están disponibles como parte de la Ley del Plan de Recuperación Estadounidense y serán distribuidos por los socios regionales de WEDC. Las empresas deben presentar la solicitud a través de la organización asociada de la región en la que se encuentran. Para mas informacion, visite MainStreet Bounceback.(Añadido 8/23/21)

  • Ciudad de Milwaukee - El Department de Salud de Milwaukee tiene informacion técnica en la pagina Moviendo a Milwaukee hacia Adelante de manera segura

  • El primer paso más importante es hablar con su banco para conocer qué ayudas tiene disponible. Esto ha sido un gran punto de enfoque de estrategias para conseguir ayuda. Muchos de los bancos pueden ayudar en aplicar para programas de ayudas federales. Cuando llame a su banco, anote la fecha, hora y nombre del representante del banco con quien se comunicó. También es importante que solicite el acuerdo de la ayuda solicitada en forma escrita.

  • Latino Chamber of Commerce - Lista de Recursos para Coronavirus en inglés y español (Actualizado 10/18/2022)

    • El programa Más Fuertes tiene como objetivo ofrecer ayuda socioeconómica y empoderamiento económico a pequeñas empresas con 20 empleados o menos, y a los trabajadores independientes que han sido marginados en todos los programas actuales de ayuda por el gobierno federal, estatal y local. El programa está diseñado específicamente para abordar el trauma económico que sufre la comunidad latina mediante el uso de soluciones culturales y lingüísticamente relevantes centradas en un enfoque de gestión de casos individualizado que conduce a la sostenibilidad a largo plazo y a la liquidez inmediata de las microempresas latinas. Presione aquí para la presentación virtual  del program Alivio y Recuperación Más Fuertes. Llame al 414-888-2270 para más información durante horas de oficina. (Añadidio 5/7/2020)

    • Gracias a la Corporación de Desarrollo Económico de Wisconsin(WEDC), la Red Empresarial Latina y la Cámara de Comercio Latina de Sureste de Wisconsin, que cuentan con una línea de emergencia, 414-888-2270, para contestar preguntas durante esta emergencia de salud. Preguntas con relación a:

      • Préstamos *Recuerde que pronto posiblemente reabrirán los programas. Esté preparado*

      • COVID-19 Créditos del IRS para negocios

      • Continuación de Su negocio

      • Su Pregunta

      • Tendrán también dos consultores disponibles que le llamarán si su consulta requiere asistencia técnica. (Añadidio 4/22/2020)

  • Cámara de Comercio de los EEUU - El Fondo para la Salvar la Pequeña Empresa (Save Small Business Fund, en inglés) es un fondo que ofrece subsidios de 5,000 dólares para proveer alivio a corto plazo a los empleadores de los Estados Unidos y sus territorios. (Añadido 4/21/2020)

  • Recursos del Hispanic Collaborative en Colaboración con MMAC 

  • Serie de Conferencias Electrónicas compartidas desde el SBDC en Puerto Rico - Compartirán más informacion en el sitio Web de SBDC Puerto Rico. (Añadido 3/24/2020)

  • El Tesorero de los Estados Unidos:


Other COVID-19 Resources

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