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Homeownership Opportunities - Current Listing

Current Property Listing


Offers due August 14, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.

Agents - Please remember to call for showing instructions:

Please review: 

  1. Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program - grant assistance available
  2. Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home brochure
    (for properties built prior to 1978)

City financing requires Aldermanic approval

Note:  Scope of Work are Adobe pdfs
 Photo of 2361-63 North 4th Street 2361-63 North 4th Street
New - Lockbox
Purchase and Sale Agreement
required; Includes vacant lot at
2351 North 4th Street

Scope of Work
Duplex 4 2 $   5,400.00
 Photo of 1543 South 9th Street 1543 South 9th Street
New - Lockbox
Scope of Work
Single Family 5 1 $ 20,400.00
 Photo of 3420-22 North 18th Street 3420-22 North 18th Street
Scope of Work
Duplex 4 2 $ 19,200.00
 Photo of 1853 North 26th Street 1853 North 26th Street
Includes vacant lot at
1857-59 North 26th Street

Scope of Work
Duplex 6 2 $   4,400.00
 Photo of 2951 North Buffum Street 2951 North Buffum Street
New - Lockbox
Scope of Work
Duplex 4 2 $   5,100.00
 Photo of 1016 West Madison Street 1016 West Madison Street
Shares water line with
1014-16A West Madison Street

New - Lockbox
Scope of Work
Single Family 5 2 $ 19,400.00
 Photo of 2833 West State Street

2833 West State Street
Historic Code:  On NRHP and locally
designated; Historic Preservation
Agreement required: Purchase and
and Sale Agreement required;

Conversion permit required
must be converted to a single family

Scope of Work

Multi-Family 5 4 $ 46,300.00

All owner-occupied homes are eligible for  $500 Roots Landscaping Incentive

All properties are offered for sale in an “AS IS” condition, at time of closing. Note that properties constructed prior to 1978 may contain lead-based paint.  Buyers are required to bring property into building code compliance immediately after sale.

All showings and offers must be handled by a licensed real estate agent. For a complete listing of real estate brokers, check the yellow pages of the telephone book under the heading of "real" or find a realtor at the Wisconsin Realtors Association website.

All offers must be made on forms provided by the Department of City Development.  Offer forms will only be given to licensed real estate brokers.  If your real estate sales person has questions, is unfamiliar with our procedures, or needs to obtain complete instructions and/or offer forms, they should contact our office at 286-5730.

This information is current as of Friday, July 13, 2018. To check on the status of a particular property, please contact our Real Estate Office at 286-5730 or email or

Real Estate Fax Number: (414) 286-0395.

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