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About Us

The Community Development Grants Administration is responsible for applying for, recommending the allocation of, and overseeing the effective use of Local , State and Federal funds for programs in targeted central city neighborhoods. Most of the funding is to assist lower income families and remove blight.

It is used for housing rehab programs, special economic development relating to job and business development, and public service programs such as crime prevention, job training, housing for homeless, youth recreation programs and community organization programs. Funding is awarded to the city through Federal entitlement guidelines and through competitive applications.

The CDGA office works collaboratively with non-profit groups, government agencies, and public/private coalitions to coordinate activity that increases home ownership and property values, reduces crime, and promotes greater employment and business activity.

CDGA has worked with community leaders to develop neighborhood strategic plans in 18 neighborhood planning areas. Future funding will focus on supporting neighborhood and community leaders to reach their vision, rather than on the needs of individual agencies.