The City of Milwaukee Health Department is pleased to provide you a copy of inspection reports that result from our inspection of restaurants and other food and liquor establishments located in the City of Milwaukee.  Please note the following important information regarding inspection reports

  • These inspection reports represent a snapshot of the facility at the time the inspector was present.   The inspection report may not reflect the current condition of the establishment.  
  • Food establishments are required to correct all critical risk violations at the time of inspection since such violations may pose a serious health threat. 
  • Once an establishment receives a written order to correct non-critical violations, one or more reinspections (follow up inspections) are conducted to ensure that all violations are addressed. 
  • If violations are not corrected within 5-10 business days from an inspection, further actions are taken against the establishment until orders have been corrected.
  • Routine inspection reports on this system are for restaurants, food store, taverns and bed and breakfast establishments.
  • The system contains inspection reports from our electronic inspection system which was implemented beginning in January of 2007, and continues through to the present.
  • Since this is a dynamic system, we suggest that you check the website frequently to obtain updated inspection and compliance information.   


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