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Laws & Ordinances

Learning your local bike laws can help you avoid problems and ride safely. It is important to note that state laws supercede local ordinances in all cases except those regarding sidewalk riding and bicycle registration. Some municipalities may still have older conflicting laws on the books.

Can I ride on the sidewalk?

In general, if you are older than ten, you must ride in the street. So, it's fine to ride down the sidewalk in your neighborhood with your 6-year-old, but don't ride the sidewalk in business districts. Also, when you are cycling on the sidewalk or in a crosswalk, you must ride at a pedestrian pace.

Do I have to stop at red lights and stop signs?

Yes, bicyclists also have to stop! However, if you're stuck at a red light for more than 45 seconds and there's no traffic approaching, you can go ahead and cross the intersection. Some traffic signals can't detect a bicyclist and won't change to green unless a car approaches, so this exception prevents riders from getting stuck indefinitely.

Do I have to register my bicycle?

Yes, bicycles have to be registered. But don't worry—it's free! You can get a bicycle license sticker from any library or police station and then activate it online.

Where can I find out more?