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Bicycle Registration

Bike registration is free for all city of Milwaukee residents. Visit your nearest library or police station and ask for a bicycle license sticker—then just activate it online! 

Why register your bike?

  • Bicycle Identification: If a bicycle is stolen from the street, a car or home, the owner needs the serial number to report the theft to the police. Most people don't keep this number handy. However, when a bicycle is registered the police can recall information quickly from the computer. The registration records are cross-referenced by name as well as by serial number and registration number.
  • Recovered Bikes Returned to Owners: Registering your bike greatly increases the likelihood it will be returned to you if they are recovered.
  • Identification of Rider: Bicycle Registration also aids in the identification of the bicycle owner in case of a crash.
  • Registration Helps with Planning: Bicycle registration also provides valuable data to City planners, which helps in the design of facilities and educational programs aimed at making bicycling safer.