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All City members should have "one card" for health and prescription drugs.  The UHC information is at the top of the card, and the OptumRx information is on the bottom right side.

If you have questions about your medical or your prescriptions the best number to call is on the back of the card, 1-800-841-4901.

  • PHONE:  1-800-841-4901
  • Prescription drugs will have a 20% co-payment.  The minimum cost will be $4 minimum and the maximum cost will be $75 per month, per prescription.


OptumRx Personal Claim History and Drug Pricing for active employees and retirees without Medicare

Members pay 20% of the total cost of their medications with a minimum of $4 and a maximum of $75. 

OptumRx provides a summary of your prescriptions that includes the following information:

  • Date filled
  • Claim #
  • Drug name
  • You paid
  • Plan paid
  • With a summary of the total costs

You need to go to sign in if you have not done that yet.

  • Then click on the third tab on the top – “pharmacies and prescriptions”
  • Then click on the first tab on the right side – “Access My Account”
  • Click on the first tab on the top line, far left side of the page -- “my prescriptions”
  • Then click on the second line on the far right side of the page -- “claim history”

If you have additional questions you can call the number on the back of your card. 

page revised: 08.21.17

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