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In 2017, the City offers the following plans to eligible employees:

  • (lower cost)  UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Choice Plan
    After Open Enrollment, call the number on your member ID card.
  • (higher cost)  UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Choice Plus Plan
    After Open Enrollment, call the number on your member ID card.

All City members should have one card for health and prescription drugs.  Click here to see a sample of what your card should look like. The UHC information is at the top of the card, and the OptumRx information is on the bottom right side.

If you have questions about your medical or your prescriptions the best number to call is on the back of the card, 1-800-841-4901.

UHC Resources

Self Service Login:  

  • If you forgot your password, try the "Forgot your Password?" function at the login screen.  If that does not work, then go to and request to have your Password reset.

Only employees of HACM, WCD and MEDC should use the following Health Enrollment Form.  All other City employees must use self-service to make their health benefit elections.

United Health Care (UHC) Choice Plan (lower cost):

United Health Care (UHC) Choice Plus Plan (higher cost):

Summary Plan Descriptions (r. 2016):

High Deductible Health Plan

UHC Sherpa

To Support Insurance-Related Questions and Concerns for Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Vision Providers (UHC In-Network) (all plans):


If you have questions regarding your benefits, unpaid bills, or problems with service, please call your health or dental plan. DO NOT call Employee Benefits until you have contacted your health or dental plan and are unable to arrive at a resolution. Employee Benefits will attempt to assist you to resolve your problem, but in no case will Employee Benefits attempt to change, question or provide a medical opinion. Remember to document all your conversations with dates, times and names. We will ask you for this information when you call our office.

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