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logo for eflex a TASC division2017 FLEXIBLE CHOICES PROGRAM (FSA)

NOTE: Flexible Choices is an annual election; you must enroll each year.


2017 FSA Rollover Deadlines:

  • 04/28/2017: To claim 2016 funds.
  • 12/31/2017: Medical Funds must be used with the exception of up to $500 of which can be rolled over and used for the calendar year of 2018.
  • 12/31/2017: Dependent Care Funds must be used.
  • 02/15/2018: *Parking reimbursement requests for 2017 Funds.  Reminder: Employees reimbursed parking expenses by their department are not eligible for FSA-Parking benefits.
  • 04/27/2018: Medical and Dependent Care expense reimbursement requests for 2017 funds.

*Parking does not have a grace period but your FSA-Parking contribution is never lost! Your parking expenses must occur in the calendar year and you must claim your calendar year expenses by February 15 of the following year. Once the current year has closed, any money left in your FSA-Parking Account will be rolled over into the following year’s FSA-Parking Account.

Questions regarding rollover deadlines should be addressed to the Department of Employee Relations at 286-8111 or send e-mail to  All other questions regarding FSA should be directed to eflexgroup toll-free at (877) 933-3539.

New Hires, Rehires, *Employees with IRS-eligible Status Changes:

Eligibility begins on the 1st of the month after your start date, or date of *Status Change.

* Marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.

FSA Resources:

FSA Debit Card:

  • The $500 rollover of 2016 FSA Medical Funds are available as of January 1, 2017 for 2017 expenses.

All employees receive a Debit Card. If you already have a debit card, as long as you elect an account, this card is valid through the expiration date on your card.  The Debit Card is issued for all Flexible Spending Accounts and all plans are linked to the debit card.  If you need additional debit cards for a spouse and/or dependents, there is no fee (Additional Debit Card Request Form).

Direct Deposit Authorization Form:

Set-up direct deposit for faster reimbursements directly into a checking or savings account of your designation.

Claim Form:

Retirement or Other Separation from City Service:

30-Day Rule - No Exceptions!

Reimbursement requests must be made to eflexgroup within 30 days of retirement or separation of service.  *No exceptions are allowed.

Flexible Spending Account - Medical

If you leave City employment and you are enrolled in a Medical-FSA, your period of coverage ends on your separation date. You must claim reimbursement of eligible expenses within 30 days of your date of separation from the City. Expenses incurred after your coverage ends are not eligible for reimbursement. Please call (414) 286-8111 for further information or send an email to

Flexible Spending Account - Dependent Care (DCA)

Coverage for the DCA ends on your separation date. You must claim reimbursement of eligible expenses within 30 days of your date of separation from the City.

*Special Note:  You cannot receive reimbursements for more than you have contributed to your DCA at any time.  If you have amounts in your DCA that are unused as of termination of employment, you can request reimbursements up to that amount for eligible Dependent Care expenses incurred during the remainder of the Plan Year.

Contact the City of Milwaukee's Employee Benefits Division at (414) 286-3184 for further information or send email to

Contact Information (eflexgroup):