Photos are required for every application filed with the Board of Zoning Appeals. Photos help the Zoning Administration Group staff to properly review your application and assist the Board members by providing information on the current state of the property. As a general rule, you want to provide enough pictures of your site to adequately show the entire area of the proposed use. The context of the site is important.

Please provide color photos showing the front, back and both sides of the building you are proposing to use. If you are proposing new construction on an empty lot, one color photo depicting the entire lot will be acceptable.

The following uses require additional photos:

  • Day care centers: Please provide a photos of the play area.
  • Group living arrangements: Please provide photos of the proposed recreation area.
  • Motor vehicle filling stations, sales and repair facilities: Please provide additional photo showing any landscaping on the property.

The photos must be printed, taped or stapled to a standard size sheet of paper (8.5 x 11). Please do not mount photos on paperboard, cardboard or foamcore board.

Due to unique circumstances of different properties, it is not always possible to take photos of the sides of buildings that abut other buildings. In the event that you are unable to certain view of the lot, please provide photos that allow those reviewing the appeal to fully visualize the property. You are welcome to include any additional photos as you see fit.

 Please remember:

  • Photos must be printed, taped or stapled to a standard sheet of paper.
  • Photos must be in color.
  • Digital photos must be printed in color.
  • Photos should be labeled with the address of the property.