The Notice of Appeal and Application for Review is the form that is submitted to the Board office along with the required plans and statements. A $100 fee must accompany the application and supporting materials at the time of submittal.

Click HERE to download a pdf copy of the form. This form can be filled-out online and printed from your printer.


The petitioner is the person with the legal interest in the property. The Notice of Appeal and Application for Review must be signed by the "petitioner". To be the listed petitioner, you must have a legal interest in the property as listed below:

  • The owner of the subject property.
  • The purchaser of the property under an offer to purchase or land contract.
  • The tenant of the property under a written lease.
  • An officer of the corporation (president, vice-president, secretary or treasurer), if a corporation is one of the above listed applicants.
  • A legally designated agent or attorney for any of the above listed parties.  

Primary Contact

The primary contact is the first person that will be contacted should staff have have questions. Many times the petitioner will be the primary contact. In these cases, it is not necessary to provide primary contact information. However, in some cases, the petitioner will have another person be the listed as the primary contact. The primary contact could be an architect, a contractor or an attorney.


Present and Proposed Use

The application form also asks you to list the present and proposed uses for the property. Please try to be as brief but descriptive as possible. For example:

Present use:
  • Vacant commercial storefront 
  • Gas station
  • Day care center for 60 children    
  • Vacant land

Proposed use:

  • Retail sales of books and toys
  • Gas station with new car wash addition
  • Daycare with an increase in capacity to 70
  • New multi-tenant commercial building

Anticipated Investment

The application  asks you to provide your anticipated investment in your proposal. When evaluating appeals, it is often useful to the Board to understand how much money you  have invested, or are planning to invest, in a particular project. For this reason, you are asked to list an amount that may include items such as purchase costs, alterations, improvement costs.