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Public Input for Accessible Sidewalks

City of Milwaukee Process for Requesting and Receiving Input From Persons with Disabilities Regarding Accessibility of Sidewalks

The City of Milwaukee is committed to making its pedestrian pathways and sidewalks accessible to the extent practicable.  The City of Milwaukee therefore encourages citizens, employees and visitors to report issues related to the use and condition of City-controlled pedestrian walkways and sidewalks. 

If any person has concerns about the use or condition of any city sidewalk, they are encouraged to notify the Department of Public Works, Infrastructure Division Engineer-In-Charge utilizing the online Sidewalk Accessibility Notification Form. To the extent possible, the Sidewalk Accessibility Notification Form will be used to document and define the request. The Department of Public Works will advise the person of its initial determination, evaluation and the timeframe for correcting the problem within fifteen (15) business days of receiving the information. Where the request involves substantial reconstruction or replacement of sidewalk areas that is beyond the Department’s ability to fund and accomplish in the current budget year, then the request will remain open and will be considered for inclusion in the Department’s future annual operating budget request or through Capital Improvement funding.

Concerns also may be addressed by contacting the City of Milwaukee ADA Coordinator by any means listed below.  Any concerns received by the ADA Coordinator will be entered into the Sidewalk Accessibility Form for documentation and tracking purposes and then forward to the Department of Public Works.

Rebecca Rabatin, ADA Coordinator - City of Milwaukee
Department of Administration, Budget and Management Division
200 East Wells Street, Room 603, Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414) 286-3475
TTY: 711
Fax: (414) 286-5475
Email: [email protected]

The Department of Public Works asks that you provide the information requested on the form. The most important piece of information is the exact street address or intersection locating the issue. Then please provide a brief but detailed description of the problem, such as, no curb-cut at an intersection or crossing, sidewalk exceeds maximum slope of 1:12 (8.3%), curb cut lacks minimum 36” width, sidewalk cross-slope exceeds 1:50 (2%), etc.  Finally, please provide your name, organization name (if filing on behalf of one), address and telephone number, date and time so the City may contact you. 

The Department of Public Works will make every effort to address the issue and take corrective action in a prompt manner as deemed appropriate by the Department.

If a person is not satisfied with the action the Department of Public Works takes, proposes or plans or the timeliness of the Department’s response, then that person may initiate a grievance. The grievance shall follow the guidelines set in the City of Milwaukee Grievance Procedure under The American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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