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9-1-1 Education and Information


Public Safety Communications Center Operational Assessment

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)
Interoperable Communications Technical Assistance Program (ICTAP) conducted a
three-day review of the Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) and Milwaukee Fire
Department’s (MFD) 911/ dispatch center operations on August 1-3, 2017, to develop a
general overview of their operations and to serve as the basis for this assessment and
recommendations for organizational change. The scope and parameters of this
assessment were based on conversations with the Policy and Communications Director
of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission.



Schematic showing call routing for emergency calls.

When to Call Other Numbers

You should call 911 when your situation fits one of the items on the 911 "Reasons to Call" list above and to the right.  But if your situation is not included in that list, you can call the numbers below.

(414) 933-4444, Option 9  - Non-Emergency Police Services

  • Non-threatening situations
  • Loud music (vehicle, resident or other)
  • Theft (shoplifter, vehicle, cell phone, keys, etc.)
  • Loitering  (gambling, drug dealing, etc.)
  • Abandoned property (bike, vehicle or other personal property)
  • Property damage (graffitti, vehicle, broken windows, etc.)

211  - 211 Social Services

  • Health care (prevention, maternity, wellness programs, etc.)
  • Children and families (family support programs, child care, job skill training, etc.)
  • Emergency shelter (homeless, food, clothing, warming centers, etc.)
  • Property damage (transportation, housing, support groups)

(414) 286-CITY  (286-2489)  - City Services and Information

  • Property violations (over-grown grass and weeds, garbage and other debris, neglected buildings, etc.)
  • Nuisance violations (barking dogs, loud music, neglected vehicles)

  • Non-emergency health concerns (environmental, inspections, water)
  • Non-emergency road concerns (potholes, downed trees)

Supporting Information

Have you observed or experienced inappropriate conduct by an employee of the Fire or Police Department?

You can contact the Fire and Police Commission to submit a complaint either by phone at 414-286-5000 or online at

Official Logo - 911 The Number to Know


Reasons to Call 911 graphic

You should dial 911 when
there is . . .

  • A life threatening situation

  • A threat to a person’s life 

  • Medical attention that is required 

  • A person who is hurt or in danger

  • A crime in progress

cartoon graphic, woman on cell phone saying "I am calling to report a . . . "

What to Do When You Dial 911

  • Stay on the line with the operator - DO NOT HANG UP.

  • Provide the exact location of the emergency.

  • Stay as calm as possible and describe the emergency.

  • Provide your name, phone number and any descriptions of the suspects and/or victims.

  • Answer the operator's questions as best as you can.

  • Wait for the operator to instruct you to hang up.

  • You can call ANONYMOUSLY.

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