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735 N Water

BID 9 was created to assist in improvements at the City Center Development. City Center offers multiple office opportunities overlooking the City's beautiful Riverwalk.  The building is also a quick walk to City Hall.  In addition to office space, the building also offers a coffee shop and a gym that the public can sign up to join. Find out more at the website listed below!


BID Contact

Sheldon Oppermann - Property Manager

735 North Water Street, Suite M180, Milwaukee, WI 53202


Phone: (414) 765-0305    Fax: (414) 272-4339


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(BID 9 Email Contact, Map, Facebook and Twitter)


Contact Us

Commercial Corridor Team
809 N. Broadway
Room 104
Milwaukee, WI 53202  

(414) 286-8201


Commercial Corridor Team

Photo of Kenneth Little
Kenneth Little
Commercial Corridor Manager
(414) 286-5617

Photo of Natanael Martinez
Natanael Martinez
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5813
Hablo Español

Photo of Mantavius Jones
Montavius Jones
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-0793

Photo of Sierra Starner-Heffron
Sierra Starner-Heffron
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-0739

Photo of Terence
Terence Acquah
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5849