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Control Your Water Costs by Fixing Leaks

Your drinking water utility works to controls costs by eliminating leaks in the treatment and distribution systems. Leaks that occur inside homes and businesses are the responsibility of the property owner. The typical person in Milwaukee uses 10 Ccf (hundred cubic feet) of water per quarter. Multiply 10 by the number of people in your household to give you the number of Ccf for water used in one quarter (for example, 4 people x 10 = 40 Ccf). If you are using more than 10 ccf per person per quarter, you may have water leaks.

Leak Indicators -You may have a plumbing leak if:

  • You hear the continuous sound of water (like a toilet running) when nothing is turned on.
  • The blue dial on your water meter spins when you are not using any water. Try the water meter test.
  • The water portion of your Municipal Services Bill increases over a period of weeks or months.
  • There are walls or floors in your home or building that are wet, spongy, moist, or have discolored areas when nothing has been spilled.
  • You smell foul odors coming from floors or walls near drains or sewers.
  • The building foundation cracks, vegetation grows unevenly, or earth shifts for no apparent reason.

Most leaks are easy to repair with parts from a hardware store. Or, call a professional plumber for help.

Use Water Wisely with these Helpful Resources

How much water do you use at home? What can you do to decrease your home’s water footprint? What do water leaks cost and how can you fix them? Find the answers here:

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Use Water Wisely-Control Water Costs

Use Water Wisely-Control Water Costs

Use el agua racionalmente y Controle los costos

Use our comprehensive guide to find and fix leaks in and around your home to stop water waste and save you money.

Save Water, Save Money

Save Water, Save Money

Use this Family Fact Sheet guide to find and fix indoor and outdoor water leaks.

How to Read Your Water Meter

Where is the water meter? How does it work?

Fix a Leak Fact Sheet

Fix a Leak Fact Sheet

Families are encouraged to check for water leaks and drips in bathrooms, kitchens, and yards at home.

Fixing Leaks Around the Home

Fixing Leaks Around the Home

Repare goteos y fugas alrededor del hogar

The EPA's WaterSense pages offer more advice about fixing water leaks.

Test Your Toilets for Leaks

Test Your Toilets for Leaks

A leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water a day at a cost of over $411.69 per year!

Be a Water Saver at Home

Be a Water Saver at Home

Take an interactive tour to investigate your water-saving opportunities in each area of your home. Click on each home location to show you both the facts and specific advice.

Save Water in the Bathroom

Save Water in the Bathroom

Thanks to the students in Seattle teacher Ms. Francesca Davis' Science Club who recommend this site.

Water Leak

What is the #1 leak we hear about from our customers? A leaky toilet.

A silent leak in your toilet can waste 200 gallons of water per day. Here are instructions for fixing toilet leaks

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