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Security Conscious to Ensure Reliable Service

To ensure continuous water service, considerable, ongoing efforts have been undertaken to improve the physical, cyber, and procedural security of MWW water plants and other infrastructure. Periodic emergency response exercises ensure the integrity of the utility's disaster response plan.

The Water Works maintains and tests its Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) to ensure the utility has sufficient resources to continue essential operations should critical infrastructure be affected by an adverse event such as fire, terrorist incident, severe storm, or power interruption.

A multi-year project to provide backup electric power generation for five critical infrastructure sites is underway with design and installation of diesel generators to power treatment processes and pumps in the event of an electrical outage. While public health is the primary consideration in the delivery of water, the Milwaukee Water Works systems were designed to provide sufficient water to suppress major fires.

The Continuous Improvement and Use of Best Practices Advantage