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Click to test a service line to see if it is made of lead. Or, check our records below.

The City of Milwaukee Health Department recommends Families who live in homes with lead service lines or plumbing and have pregnant, breastfeeding women, women of child-bearing age who may become pregnant, and children under the age of six in the home, especially bottle-fed infants, should use a drinking water filter certified to remove lead. Children should be tested for lead in their blood three times before the age of 3.

Learn about lead in drinking water

Healthy Habits
The only way to prevent lead poisoning is to keep children away from lead. But healthy habits like good eating, snacking and hand-washing can help reduce the risk of exposure

Milwaukee's plan to replace lead service lines 

Programa de reemplazo de la línea de servicio de plomo

FAQ: how we replace a lead service line

No action is required of property owners with a LSL that is not leaking or damaged. If you choose to replace your section of the lead service line, please obtain an estimate from a licensed plumber and notify MWW Customer Service, (414) 286-2830. The utility will then replace its section of the lead service line.

                                       Diagram o fWater Main and Service Line. Click to enlarge

Search our records to see if a property has a lead service line. If it does, it will be listed here. Of about 169,000 water service lines in Milwaukee, 70,000 residential propertes and 6,000 commercial properties have lead service lines. Using the year a house was built is not the best way to determine whether a service line is made of lead. While the water utility maintains records of the material from which the city-owned portion of the service line is made, a property owner may have replaced the private portion of a lead service line with copper and did not notify the utility. There is no requirement to do so.

Map of Properties with Lead Service LineAddress beginning with North
(as in N. 50th St. or N. Booth St.)

Address beginning with East

Address beginning with West

Address beginning with South

Master List of all properties (A compilation of the four lists above,  in an Excel document)

These are lists of properties with a meter installed in the building and an active billing account that have a lead service line from the water main to the curbstop. In most cases, if this city-owned section is made of lead, the property owner's side of the service line connecting the curb stop to the water meter also is made of lead.

We do not have records of the material used for the privately-owned portion of the water-service line or even whether the material on the private side has been changed. It is likely the material used on the private portion is the same as the material used on the public side of the water service line. Some properties, such as those in the former Town of Lake area, are not included here because the information was not available at the time service was moved to the Milwaukee Water Works. We update this database as lead service lines are replaced. Please call Customer Service if you replaced your lead service line during or before 2016.

If a property does not have a meter or active billing account, it still may have a lead service line but may not appear on this list. If you are inquiring about a property that may not have a meter or an active billing account, please contact Customer Service, (414) 286-2830, or email 

If an address has a meter installed and an active billing account but it is not listed here, it likely has a copper service line. However, if your property is a corner lot, please contact Customer Service to verify the service material.

If you have questions about lead in drinking water, call Milwaukee Water Works Customer Service, (414) 286-2830. Non-emergency email:

If you have questions about the health effects related to lead in drinking water, call the City of Milwaukee Health Department, (414) 286-3521.

Customer Service Center

Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N. Broadway, Room 406
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Telephone  (414) 286-2830
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TDD   (414) 286-8801
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Email (non-emergency)  
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U.S. Mail   P.O. Box 3268
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Contact Us

Questions about lead in drinking water?

Milwaukee Water Works

(414) 286-2830

Questions about the health effects related to lead in drinking water?

Milwaukee Health Department

(414) 286-3521

Lead Testing

The Milwaukee Water Works and the Milwaukee Health Department do not offer testing of water. Please consult this list: Commercial Laboratories that analyze water for lead  Laboratorios acreditados para el análisis de plomo en el agua potable

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