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Better Buildings Challenge

Milwaukee is a leading participant in the Better Buildings Challenge, a Department of Energy (DOE) national leadership program calling on corporate chief executives, university presidents, state, local and school district leaders to reduce their portfolio-wide energy use by 20 percent by 2020. The City of Milwaukee is an active participant in the Better Buildings Challenge, working to reduce energy use in the City's own buildings.

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City Solar Installations

The City of Milwaukee is investing in a clean energy future. There are 11 solar installations on City facilities, ranging from solar hot water on fire stations to a solar electric system on the downtown library. The City's solar program, Milwaukee Shines, works with City departments to identify opportunities for future solar installations.



Stormwater Management

The City Milwaukee is designing city streets to reduce flooding risks, improve the quality of our lakes and rivers, and help the City adapt to a changing climate. Through guidance outlined in the City's new Green Streets Stormwater Management Plan, as streets are scheduled to repaired or replaced the City is systematically evaluating opportunities to install new green infrastructure assets



Port of Milwaukee Wind Turbine

The City of Milwaukee's Office of Environmental Sustainability and the Port of Milwaukee partnered to install a Northern Power 100 KW wind turbine at the Port's administration building near the shore of lake Michigan.