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Create an alignment of economic and environmental interests that improve Milwaukee's quality of life for current and future generations by embracing smart,  achievable sustainability principles.

In carrying out this mission, the Environmental Collaboraiton Office (ECO) promotes cost-effective sustainability practices for residents, businesses, other organizations and City departments. ECO leads the citywide implementation of ReFresh Milwaukee, which serves as our community's roadmap to securing a more sustainable future. In addition, ECO operates programs that meet direct needs for Milwaukeeans.


ECO's programs that you can take advantage of:

  • Milwaukee Sustainable Manufacturing (ME3). The ME3 team works with manufacturers to identify cost-effective practices and projects that help firms increase material and resource efficiency, cut energy costs, water use and decrease waste.
  • Milwaukee Shines Solar Program. Milwaukee Shines helps homes and businesses invest in solar by providing financing solutions to reduce the up front cost of solar. Milwaukee Shines works with community partners to provide education and training on clean energy.
  • HOME GR/OWN Milwaukee. Mayor Barrett's initiative empowers residents to transform neighborhoods by re-purposing vacant lots into community assets that spark new economic opportunities around local, healthy food production and placemaking.
  • Reduce City energy use 20% by 2020. ECO lead Mayor Barrett's Energy Reduction Team and provides support to City departments to help reduce energy use, and helps track and monitor the City's reduction goals. Through projects such as lighting retrofits and energy efficiency upgrades, this energy reduction will save hundreds of thousands of dollars for City departments, and savings for the City budget.


Milwaukee's Vision for Community Sustainability

On July 16, 2013, Mayor Barrett launched Milwaukee's first Sustainability Plan. The ReFresh Milwaukee Sustainability Plan is a citywide strategic plan to develop a sound environmental, economic and social sustainable future for the community. The plan aims to implement sustainable projects and encourage citizens and businesses to engage in solutions that are economically,environmentally, and socially smart for our community.


Visit to read the complete plan and how you can be involved. Download the Complete Report.

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