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Gun Violence Prevention

In 2006, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and 14 others founded Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) to reduce illegal guns and gun violence in urban areas through education, legislation and coordination between government and community entities. Today, more than 620 mayors participate in the nationwide, non-partisan coalition. Mayors are one of the central figures in protecting residents and families from harm and finding innovative ways to promote public safety. Therefore, MAIG rallies mayors into one voice against illegal guns and unnecessary gun violence.

As a part of the coalition, the City of Milwaukee had a Regional Coordinator in the Office of Violence Prevention who works on building partnerships with violence prevention agencies and specialists, conducting community outreach about the impact of illegal guns and gun violence, recruiting mayors across the Midwest region into the coalition, and building a network of concerned residents, local experts, and community leaders who are working to prevent and reduce gun violence in Wisconsin.

The Office of Violence Prevention focuses its efforts on reducing illegal guns through various levels, and they include: 

  • promote local, state, and federal gun policy that keeps guns out of criminals’ hands;
  • promote and support gun violence prevention programs that target at-risk populations, and promote neighborhood safety;
  • conduct community outreach campaigns to create awareness about the impact of illegal guns on our community;
  • facilitate action plans and projects for interested organizations and communities that want to reduce gun violence in their neighborhoods;
  • build partnerships with local, state, and national experts, agencies, and communities that are working to reduce gun violence; and
  • work as a resource to the City on local and national gun policy


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Office of Violence Prevention
Milwaukee Health Department
Frank P. Zeidler Municipal Building
841 North Broadway, 3rd Floor
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Terry Perry
Director, Office of Violence Prevention
(414) 286-8553

Erin Perkins
Coordinator, Milwaukee Commission on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
(414) 286-2997