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Support for Business Program Participant Guidebook

The Support for Business Program Participant Guidebook is designed to provide an overview of what comprises the Support for Business Program (SFB). It explains the components of the program, community collaboration, continuous communication and information on business assistance organizations. This is all done in an effort to help minimize the adverse impacts to local businesses during roadway and bridge construction.

The SFB Program Participant Guidebook provides information on how the SFB Liaison (Community Liaison) can assist businesses during the construction project, suggestions on what to do during the construction project and a Key Contact Information list.  The list contains names, email addresses, telephone numbers and websites of Department of Public Works and Wisconsin Department of Transportation staff. It also lists organizations that can provide valuable business assistance.

Support for Business Program Testimonial Video

The SFB Program produced a video that features testimonials from representatives whose businesses were located adjacent to Department of Public Works construction projects. Business owners located in future construction project areas are encouraged to view the video to see how businesses utilized the program and the support that was provided.

Open for Business Signage

The SFB Program has produced project specific “Open for Business” signs featuring neighborhood businesses.

Directional Signage

The SFB Program has also created directional signage to help traffic flow and inform customers of parking availability.


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