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Project Summary

West Capitol Drive (from 60th to 84th)

The re-construction of West Capitol Drive from 60th Street to 84th Street begins Monday, April 23rd and is scheduled to be completed by Thanksgiving, 2012. The improvements include removal of the existing pavement, construction of new concrete pavement, and construction of new curbs, gutters, sidewalk and driveway approaches. New pavement marking will also be placed.

The project will be done in two phases. During the first phase from April 23rd to approximately the end of July, the removal and reconstruction of the westbound lanes of Capitol Drive (north side) from 60th to 84th streets will occur. Traffic will continue to operate on the south side of Capitol Drive in two lanes of through traffic, one in each direction.
Once the first phase has been completed, the work will move to the south side and will include removal and reconstruction of the eastbound lanes. Traffic will operate on the newly constructed north side of the roadway with two lanes of through traffic, one in each direction.
Milwaukee County Transit System bus routes and schedules will remain unchanged during the construction of Capitol Drive.   Bus stops may be moved to accommodate construction but will be in the same general area and will be marked with temporary bus stop signs.
Information Update: Frequently Asked Questions
Liaison’s name: Kris Martinsek
Phone: 414-769-0400 Email: