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Available Assistance

Community Liaison Team The Milwaukee DPW has established a team of community liaisons, with one liaison assigned to each major project. Liaisons serve as a neighborhood's "lead" point of contact regarding the construction project in their area. Working in conjunction with DPW staff, liaisons regularly interact with neighborhood members prior to and during the construction process, meeting with neighborhood organizations, participating in public meetings, sending letters and e-mail updates and meeting individually with neighborhood business people and property owners.

The liaison's primary roles will be to:

  • Explain DPW plans, procedures, and timelines to the neighborhood
  • Educate neighborhood businesses and property owners on potential impact mitigation resources available
  • Advocate on behalf of neighborhood members with the DPW
  • Assess the impact of the planned construction on the neighborhood and request a corresponding level of support from DPW

Business/Technical Consulting Milwaukee DPW will facilitate and underwrite opportunities for neighborhood groups and businesses in highly affected areas to receive professional consulting on issues ranging from business management and financial planning to human resources and information technology. Qualifying entities will be selected on a case-by-case basis, based on the assessment and recommendation from the community liaison in each area.