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Snow and Ice Operations

Types of DPW Operations

Anti-icing- In anticipation of a snow event or wet pavement with freezing temperatures, we will address bridges, trouble spots and mains with brine to prevent freezing.

General Ice Control (GIC)- Our most common snow operation.  It involves 102 salt trucks with underbody plows to apply salt, brine or calcium chloride (used when temperatures are extremely low) and push snow less than 2" on arterial streets.

Limited Plowing- Used when snow is projected to be less than 3"-4" and requires salt trucks to use front mounted blades in addition to their underbody plows.  Parking restrictions may be implemented.

General Plowing- Called by the Commissioner of Public Works when snowfall is approaching 4" or more and snow continues to fall.  We mount plow blades to our packer trucks to clear residential streets.  Additional parking restrictions may be implemented.  Garbage or recycling pickup may be impacted.

Snow and Ice Frequently Asked Questions


Operations Division

Laura Daniels
Director of Operations 

Zeidler Muncipal Building 
841 N. Broadway 
Room 620
Milwaukee, WI 53202

(414) 286-2489