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DPW Operations Survey of Work Schedule Changes

Operations Management is considering changing garbage and recycling collection to be completed during four 10-hour days, instead of the current five 8-hour day schedule.  

We would like to know how this would affect you. While the ultimate decision rests with Management, we are still in the discovery period of what is best for the operations. The primary goal of this proposed change is to provide a more consistent day of garbage collection for residents in light of the City’s 10 paid holidays.

1. Are you in favor of changing the work schedule to four 10-hour days?

                             Yes                 No


If four 10-hour days are instituted...

2. Please rank (1-4) the shift with the times you would most like to work,
   1 being the most preferred and 4 being the least preferred.





4. If you do not want to work four 10-hour days, would you accept a different assignment? 

                             Yes                 No                 NA

Any other comments?