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Green Fleet picture


As global non-renewable energy stocks dwindle and fuel prices increase, Fleet Services continually seeks ways to improve air quality while exercising sound financial management and promoting environmental sustainability. Fleet is involved in many facets of "Greening the Fleet", including Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electric Vehicles, Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG or "propane"), Reducing Fleet Emissions, idle reduction programming and Conserving Fuel.

   CNG Cart Lifter     Hybrid DPW Truck     EcoInfused Vehicle

EcoInfused vehicle                 CNG Cart Lifter                   Hybrid Electric Aerial Truck 

The Milwaukee fleet consists of approximately 4,500 vehicles and pieces of equipment of all types, including 2,600 motorized units. Milwaukee has been involved in alternative fueled vehicles as far back as 1980, when several pickup trucks were converted to use propane and compressed natural gas. The City built a small CNG recharging station which could handle one vehicle for overnight charging.

The city made a second push into CNG and propane in 1992, and the leap to CNG-powered heavy duty refuse trucks in 2010. Milwaukee has two CNG stations for its trucks and ever-expanding CNG fleet of vehicles, which now includes 50 CNG refuse trucks, 3 cars and 5 vans. These stations also dispense CNG to all consumers public and private through credit card sales.

CNG Automated Packer     Fleet CNG Van picture     Fleet CNG car picture

 CNG Car                             CNG Automated Packer           CNG Cargo Van


2016 Fleet Award

Government Fleet magazine and the American Public Works Association (APWA) have announced that the City of Milwaukee Fleet Services Section is one of the Leading Fleets for 2016. The awards program recognizes operations that are performing at a high level, particularly in fleet leadership, competitiveness and efficiency, planning for the future, and overcoming challenges.  The 50 Leading Fleets represent the best in the industry.  The City of Milwaukee Fleet Services Section has been recognized in the Leading Fleets program every year since 2014 when the program began, consistently ranking within the top 20.



The featured truck for this month is this 2016 International 7300 dump truck, completely outfitted for snow and ice control.  This truck is shown with the material spreader with pre-wet capabilities, and both a front plow for snow depths over three inches, and the underbody plow for snow up to three  inches.  The material spreader can hold up to seven cubic yards of granular salt and 400 gallons of brine for pre-wetting the salt before it is dispersed.Plow-1

Pre-wetting activates the salt in colder temperatures, and allows up to 30% of the salt to stay on the pavement instead of bouncing off the street and onto the curbs and sidewalks.  This allows the City to use less salt, which is better for our streams and rivers...and our citizen's cars! Plow-2



Last month, Fleet Services placed a new Patch Truck in service.  This vehicle blows out the pot hole, mixes an emulsion in the truck to make tar, fills the pot hole then tops it off with stones.  The patch hardens as the water evaporates out of the emulsion.  You can drive on it right away.

Patch Truck 25456Patch Truck 25456





Patch Truck 25456


This new Sign Truck is a sign maintenance shop on wheels, with an 11 foot long utility body and custom features for installing, repairing and removing sign posts from the ground.  There is ample storage onboard for new signposts, and all hardware for installing the signs used throughout the City of Milwaukee.  This truck also features a 120 volt, 3000 watt electric power inverter for any electric hand tools needed to repair and maintain the signs.

       Sign Service Truck     New Sign Truck picture    

Sign Service Utility Pickup    

LIGHT EQUIPMENT at Central Garage

White DPW Van Yellow DPW Dump Truck  Fleet Dump with Cab off picture

DPW Pool Vehicle                    Patch Truck                           Dump Truck being repaired

Fleet Services Light Equipment repair team consists of over 23 hard working vehicle service technicians. Nice job TEAM!

Robert Johnson picture Andrew Suchy picture Zack Cronick picture

Robert Johnson                              Andrew Suchy                    Zack Cronick



HEAVY EQUIPMENT at Central Garage

   Snow Plow Picture     DPW Garbage Trunk picture     Fleet CNG Packer on Rack picture

Salting Sensor / Dump Trunk         Refuse Packer                       Refuse Packer on lifts

Fleet Services Heavy Equipment repair team consists of over 40 hard working technicians, electricians and welders. Keep up the great work!

 Tom Udee picture Jason Maline picture

Tom Udee                           Jason Maline

Fleet Operations


Fleet Team Fleet Services consists of two sections: Fleet Repairs and Fleet Operations. Fleet Operations schedules approximately 400 operators, support staff and laborers on a daily basis for Environmental Services, and Street and Sewer Maintenance.

Fleet Operations has five hard working employees who process around 300 calls per day to keep things running smoothly in the City: Jeff K., Debbie H., Judy H., Rochelle M. and Suzanne B.  The four dedicated Supervisors who ensure that safety is always first are:  Sam H., Dan L., Arlanda F. and Chuck W.

Fleet Repairs works hard every day to maintain approximately 4,500 pieces of equipment and components for the DPW fleet and the Milwaukee Police Department.  Great TEAMWORK!


Fleet Engine Diagnosis pictureAs of June 2016, Fleet Services started taking advantage of new technology, as demonstrated here by Joel Lierman.  Joel is working on a Power Balance test for a vehicle to determine a misfire problem.  Fleet Services performs Engine Diagnostics while using an information system that offers the flexibility of wireless scanning and Wi-Fi. Work is done while staying connected and having the freedom to work from anywhere in the service bay.

As of July 2016, Fleet Services has been utilizing custom fields in the City's notification system to notify drivers of their next day assignments.  This information includes the Truck Number, Location, Area Route, Start Time and any Miscellaneous Notes for the driver.  The upgrade to this system allows the Dispatchers to efficiently and effectively notify drivers and use real-time reports documenting the notifications.  

This system will also be used in the near future for Route Pick notifications, Snow and Ice Control assignments and Vacation Pick notifications.

Judy H picture  Jeff K picture  Rochelle M picture

Judy H.                                                    Jeff K.                             Rochelle M.


In a perfect world, we would not get flat tires and we wouldn't need a Tire Shop. Since we know that is not the case, let's get a glimpse of what the Tire Shop accomplished in 2015:

New DPW Tires - 1,164, New MPD Tires - 1,098, Recapped Tires - 619, Repaired Tires - 2,179, Calls for Service - 2,558, Light Shop Work - 1,432, Police Shop Work - 1,529, Night Service Calls - 546

Tire rim     Fleet Tire Shop     Tire picture