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City of Milwaukee Shoe Recycling Program

Milwaukee is committed to waste reduction and diversion.

Since 2004, the City of Milwaukee has collected used athletic shoes from numerous locations throughout the metro area.  Through 2011, over 77,000 pairs of shoes have been recycled, saving over 500 cubic yards of landfill space!

NEW!  We have expanded our program:  In addition to athletic shoes, you may now drop off all other types of shoes, except high heels, keeping even more materials from ending up in the landfill!  Your unwanted shoes will be reused or recycled, and you will be helping to reduce waste and conserve resources.

Whether they were your lucky running shoes, your comfy old loafers or your favorite sandals, you may drop them off at one of our participating locations.


  • Recycle all types of shoes except for high heels
  • Make sure to bring only pairs no single shoes
  • Tie shoes together by the laces when possible



For more information, contact
Becky Curtis, DPW Recycling Assistant @
414-286-2349 or




"Outstanding Achievement in Education"

City of Milwaukee DPW receives Award from Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin

"2011 DPW Annual Residential Recycling Report"

2011 brought exciting changes to the recycling program, making it easier than ever to recycle more!  DPW rolled out its new Single-Sort recycling program and introduced the new materials accepted.  New recycling collection programs were implemented at City Self-Help Centers, allowing for greater landfill diversion.  All of these changes plus the continuation of improved collection schedules and a strong education campaign have contributed to a great year in recycling for Milwaukee!  For more details, view the 2011 DPW Annual Residential Recycling Report".  

Operations Division
Room 501
Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Preston Cole
Director of Operations