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Recycling Opportunities

Beyond the City of Milwaukee's curbside recycling program, various opportunities exist for recycling more materials, more often.

  • City of Milwaukee Self-Help Centers and Safe Disposal Centers
    If you are a City of Milwaukee resident, you may recycle or safely dispose of a long list of materials at one of the City's two Self- Help Centers.
  • Private Recycling Locations
    Some private facilities offer the public the opportunity to drop-off recyclables.
  • Donate Items for Reuse 
    Whether you are moving, dealing with the aftermath of a rummage sale, or simply have a few items that you would like to donate, this flyer provides a list of organizations that accept furniture, clothing, and other household goods.
  • Ideas for Reusing or Recycling Other Items
    Need to get rid of something that is not accepted through our curbside recycling program or at our Self-Help Centers? Browse our alphabetized list of items to find options for keeping your unwanted materials out of landfills by putting them to good use.


Congratulations City of Milwaukee residents!  For the fifth straight year, our recycling totals continue to increase, thanks to your strong participation in DPW’s curbside/alley collection program.  Household recycling weights have increased 20% over this five-year period.


Beginning in May 2014, the City of Milwaukee partnered with Waukesha County communities to renovate and repair a recycling facility capable of sorting, baling and shipping 60,000 tons of plastics, glass, paper and cans each year. The facility, located in the Menomonee Valley,  is now a state-of-the-art single-stream Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).


Read about these highlights and more in the 2014 Annual Residential Recycling Report.