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Access Guidelines

Acceptable Proof of Residency

  • A State of Wisconsin issued ID indicating residency within City limits
  • If the State issued ID indicates residency outside of City limits, the holder must present, along with a State-issued ID (does not necessarily have to be from Wisconsin), a property tax or utility bill to a Solid Waste Fee paying household within City limits. The name on the bill must match the name on the ID being presented

The following vehicle types are prohibited from dumping at the Self-Help Centers

  • Any vehicle with any business name, logo or contact informatio
  • Any vehicle with dual-axle
  • Any vehicle with a ladder (ladders must be removed from vehicles
  • Flatbed or utility truck
  • Semi trucks
  • Dump trucks or any other commercial vehicle
  • Trucks with excessively large trailers which cannot maneuver easily throughout the Self-Help yard
  • Vehicles with loads that are not safely contained or secured

 NOTE: Although we do allow box trucks (moving trucks) onto the premises (assuming no other aspect of the vehicle is prohibited), if the load cannot be fully inspected, access is denied)