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 "NEW Single-Sort Recycling is making RECYCLE FOR GOOD better than ever!  Residents may now recycle MORE MATERIALS such as cartons (from milk, juice or soup for example), #4 and #5 tubs and lids, and even pots and pans!  SORTING is EVEN EASIER under the new program:  all recyclables may now be mixed together in recycling carts! Learn more about "Milwaukee's new Single-Sort recycling program".

The City of Milwaukee operates a curbside recycling program serving residents of single-family through four-unit households. The current collection system uses two methods: 95-gallon carts that are collected monthly for about 85% of households, and 18-gallon bins that are collected weekly for about 15% of households. If you do not have a cart or a bin or require other recycling services, fill out a Sanitation online service request.

The Department of Public Works is dedicated to improving recycling service to residents and increasing the amount of recyclables collected and recovered in the most cost effective manner possible. Recycling conserves natural resources and landfill space, supports jobs, and saves the City money. Every ton recycled saves the City and its residents money on avoided landfill disposal fees and through revenues gained from sale of the recyclables.




"Outstanding Achievement in Education"

City of Milwaukee DPW receives Award from Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin

"2011 DPW Annual Residential Recycling Report"

2011 brought exciting changes to the recycling program, making it easier than ever to recycle more!  DPW rolled out its new Single-Sort recycling program and introduced the new materials accepted.  New recycling collection programs were implemented at City Self-Help Centers, allowing for greater landfill diversion.  All of these changes plus the continuation of improved collection schedules and a strong education campaign have contributed to a great year in recycling for Milwaukee!  For more details, view the 2011 DPW Annual Residential Recycling Report".  

Operations Division
Room 501
Zeidler Municipal Building
841 N. Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Preston Cole
Director of Operations