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City-Owned Parking Structures, Lots and Meters

Options to Pay for Parking

There are three "SMART" ways to pay for parking at the four City-owned parking structures:

  • SMARTEST - Credit Card In & SAME Credit Card Out
    • Insert Credit Card at Any Entrance Lane
    • Insert SAME Credit Card to Pay at any Exit Lane
    • Receipt Available
    • Not to be used with merchant validated parking offers
  • SMARTER - Ticket In & Credit Card Out
    • Take Ticket at Entry
    • Use any Exit Lane
    • Insert Ticket
    • Insert Credit Card to Pay
    • Receipt Available
  • SMART - Pay Stations
    • Take Ticket at Entry
    • Take Ticket with you
    • Prior to Returning to Car go to Pay Station
    • Insert Ticket
    • Insert Credit Card or Cash to Pay
    • Take Ticket to any Exit Lane
    • Insert Ticket
    • Receipt Available

Parking Structure Rates

Call ImPark at (414) 286-8401 or refer to the rates posted at the parking structures.

Monthly Parking Access Cards

If you are interested in obtaining a monthly parking access card:

  • Call ImPark at (414) 286-8401
  • Visit ImPark at:
    MacArthur Square Parking Office
    841 N. James Lovell Drive (next to Cashier booth at exit)
    Milwaukee, WI 53203

Parking Structures and Lots

Parking Meters

  • The City has 7 types of meter rates:
    15-minute, 25-minute, 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 hour meters.
  • Meter rates are $0.25/hr. to $1.50/hr., depending upon location.
  • Free meter parking:
    • On Sunday throughout the City
    • In the Downtown/3rd Ward area on Saturday; posted timed restrictions still apply on Saturday
    • Meters are not in effect on the following holidays:
      • New Year's Day
      • Martin Luther King Day
      • Memorial Day
      • July 4th
      • Labor Day
      • Thanksgiving Day
      • Christmas Day
  • Read about the New Luke Parking Meters
  • Complaints/Reporting defective meters:
    1. Online Service Request, Broken Parking Meters
    2. Call (414) 286-3486 to speak to the parking meter repair shop or to leave a message.
    3. Please indicate the defective meter number, description of problem and approximate location.
    4. If the meter is defective and a parking citation is issued, the citation may be released if the claim can be substantiated by the City.


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