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Parking Meter Luke - Fact Sheet

  • After a competitive RFP process, the City of Milwaukee chose Luke, the multi-space parking meter, manufactured by Digital Payment Technologies (DPT), British Columbia, Canada.
  • DPT partnered with Automated Parking Technologies who is the prime contractor on the project.
  • DPT has installed over 1,600 pay stations on-street and off-street parking facilities across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • In Phase One of the project, the City is installing 103 multi-space parking meters to accommodate over 1,100 parking spaces.
  • In areas where Luke is installed, the existing electronic single-spaced meter heads will be removed and replaced with a space marker to number the parking space.
  • The parking space marker is designed to reflect the downtown pedestrian way finding system.
  • Badger Lighting and Signs, an EBE contractor, designed and is responsible for the installation of the space markers.
  • Phase One of the installation will occur on the north edge of the Third Ward and various locations in the eastown and westown areas.
  • The City anticipates at least two more phases whereby several hundred more meters will be purchased and installed in the central business district.
  • The meters are funded through the Parking Fund, which provided $1.3 million in 2006. An additional $1 million is requested in the 2008 budget for Phase Two.
  • Luke is a visually recognized parking meter with an aesthetically pleasing design.
  • Luke is very easy to use with a logical display.
  • Luke has a full colored resolution LCD screen.
  • Luke accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards and coins.
  • Luke provides a receipt that includes the time when the meter expires and the space number.
  • Payment for a parking space can be made at any Luke meter as long as the space number is entered.
  • All transactions are in real time with real time reporting on usage, revenue and meter status.
  • Meter management system is fully automated and will enhance adjudication, financial auditing and meter maintenance capabilities.

Parking Meter Luke