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Parking Meter Luke

Introducing Luke.. The Multi-Space Parking Meter

The City of Milwaukee is welcoming the multi-space parking meter, LUKE, to the downtown area. LUKE has been installed in other cities across the US, Canada and Mexico. In Phase One of the project, the city is installing 103 multi-space parking meters to accommodate nearly 1,200 parking spaces. This equates to approximately 11 parking spaces per LUKE meter.

The old single-space parking meters have been replaced by space markers that identify the parking space number, that number can be entered at any LUKE meter to pay for parking. For instructions on how to use LUKE please see the Luke Instruction Flyer.

Payment for parking can be made at any LUKE meter, as long as you enter the space number. Once you pay for that parking space LUKE will issue a receipt, which includes the time when the meter expires and the space number. You can purchase time or add time by inserting coins or a Visa or MasterCard credit/debit cards.