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Electronic Bidding Coming Soon!

Department of Public Works has an anticipated GO LIVE date for electronic bidding set for Wednesday, May 22nd. See details below:

Electronic Bidding Coming Soon!

The City of Milwaukee - Department of Public Works is anticipating a "GO LIVE" date of Wednesday, May 22nd for electronic bidding. DPW contracts will run a dual bidding system, which will include paper bidding and electronic bidding during the 3-6 months transitional period. We are asking contractors to only bid through one system; either paper or electronic, not both. In addition we will offer the option of Electronic Bid Bonds or paper Bid Bonds.
For those contractors who are bidding electronically and would prefer to utilize the electronic bid bond option as well, please contact either Joyce Hinkle – or Lisa Clemens – via email or phone 1-800-660-3263 @ Surety 2000 and they will provide you with the necessary steps and details to obtain an electronic bid bond.
Important Note: Contractors bidding electronically will need to create NEW digital ID’s on the production side of Bid Express click here Digital ID’s on the production side of Bid Express are created in the same manner in which you created digital ID’s on the demo side. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact:
Bid Express Support Team
Bid Express Customer Support
Press #1
Press #1
Press # (you will not have an account number)
For additional information, follow the links listed below: 



Extra Cart Fee. Beginning January 1, 2014 households with more than one garbage cart will incur a $15 per quarter charge for each additional garbage cart.

To avoid this charge, contact the Call Center at 286-CITY (2489) to request the City remove the extra garbage carts from your property. There is no extra charge for more than one recycling cart.

Construction Related Material Charge.  There is a charge for all City residents bringing construction related material into the self help stations. This includes roofing material, brick, stones, concrete, lumber, drywall, paneling and other construction material.

The charge is $20 for up to 8 cubic yards, and $40 for 8-16 cubic yards.  (16 cubic yard maximum.)  No contractor vehicles allowed.

Bulky Changes.  City crews will only pick up one (1) cubic yard of extra material placed out for pickup on your designated collection day. This is about the size of an easy chair.  Call 286-CITY (2489) to request pickup of larger piles for a fee. See the self help page for more information



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