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Date:  February 12,2018

To:  ResidentsoftheCityof Milwaukee

Subject: NoticeofPublicInvolvement Meeting Reconstruction ofNorthHumboldt Boulevard East NorthAvenueto EastKeefeAvenue City ofMilwaukee ProjectJ.D. 2667-03-01

Dear property owner:

The City ofMilwaukee Department ofPublicWorks(DPW) is inviting you to attend a public involvement meeting for the reconstruction of North Humboldt Boulevard from East North Avenue to East Keefe Avenue (see project location map). The project is tentatively scheduled for reconstruction in 2020.

The meeting will be held on February17, 2018 at Gordon Park Pavilion located at 2828 North Humboldt Boulevard between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm. The meeting will be in an "Open House" format and no formal presentation will be made. Representatives from the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works will be available to answer questions.  The proposed improvement consists of removing the deteriorated pavement and replacing it with new concrete pavement. All curb and gutter and driveway approaches will be replaced. The sidewalk will be replaced as necessary due to poor condition or grade differential. The improvement also consists of replacing storm sewer catch basins, improving current pedestrian accommodations to comply with American Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, providing bicycle lanes, andimprovingtheoveralloperations andsafetyoftheroadway, Theroadwaywill haveone drivinglane,onebikelaneandoneparkinglaneineachdirection andnewmedianwillbe constructed betweenEastNorthAvenueandEastMeinecke AvenueandEastCenterStreetandEast Locust Street.

As required by the Section106processindicated in theWisconsin Department ofTransportation (WisD01) FacilitiesDevelopment Manuel forarcheologicallhistoricalreview,thisnoticeistoalso serveas formal notificationforthisprojecttopersonswithaconcernfororknowledgeabout historicbuildings, structures,andarcheologicalsiteslocatedalongtheproject. Suchpersons are encouragedtoattendthismeetingorprovidecommentstotheCity ofMilwaukee. Infonnation regardinganyhistoricbuildings, structures,andlorarcheologicalsites will also bepresentedatthe meeting.

841 North Broadway, Room 701-Milwaukee. Wisconsin 53202-3613 Voice (414)286-2400eFax/414l 286-5994-TOO/4141286-2025ewww.citv.milwaukes.oovJmDw

Itis veryimportantthat wereceivepublicinputontheproposedprojectas it will be directly

impactingbusinesses andresidentsinthe area. Input that isreceivedat the PublicInformational

Meeting will assist in completingthe proposeddesignand toansweranyquestions that the public

may have.

Ifyouwouldlikeadditionalinfonnationregardingtheproject,pleasecontact Mr. SamuelMcdhin oftheDP\Vat(414)286-0474(office); (414)286-3693 (fax);email: Mr.Medhincanalso becontacted at (414) 708~3419 (cell)on the meeting day, after4:00PM.

Notiee: Citizenswhoare"deaforhard ofhearingandrequireaninterpretermay requestoneby contactingMs. JoanBonackat least three(3)workingdaysprior to themeetingviathe Wisconsin Telecommunications RelaySystem(dial711).



~b .P~~

JeffreyS. Polenske, P.E. City Engineer