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Map Milwaukee News and Tip Sheets

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  • April, 2014

    • Improvements made to Property Information and Green Infrastructure Planning
    • New map services: DPW_operations, OES_GI_planning, orthophoto2005, reference_map.
    • Services scheduled for removal 5/2/2014: base_aerial, base_map, parcel_mprop_lite, OES_basement_backups
  • February, 2014

    • New map services: MPD_Geography, Zoning, Special_Districts, parcels_mprop
    • Tips and Tricks: How to add map services to Map Milwaukee applications.
  • January, 2014

    • Tips and Tricks:
      Base Maps, Operational Layers, and Map Themes - what they are, and how they're different
      Four ways to get the Map Layers Panel

  • December, 2013

    • New Application and Services - Green Infrastructure Planning

  • November, 2013

    • 2013 Aerial Images

    • Tips and Tricks: GIS Services

  • October, 2013

    • Tips and Tricks: Map Layer Panel and Legend

  • September, 2013

    • Introduction to the Map Milwaukee Portal
    • Applications: Property Information and Census 2010
    • Tips and Tricks: Property Information - The Basics

Tip Sheets

  • How to Add Map Services

    • Does the Map Milwaukee application you are using not include the layer you're looking for?  Follow these instructions on how to add other maps from the City of Milwaukee.
    • Updated: March, 2014



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