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Map Milwaukee Newsletters and Tip Sheets

Current Map Milwaukee Newsletter  

Map Milwaukee News

Current edition: October, 2014

  • New layers in license map service.
  • Reminder - Five more layers scheduled to be removed from "Old" Map Milwaukee.
  • Tip Sheet: Map Layers Panel (and Legend)

Map Milwaukee News Archive

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Newsletters, Tip Sheets, and Feature Services are all provided in PDF format.

Tip Sheets

  • The Basics

    • Skill level: easy
    • Map navigation.
    • Base maps and map themes.
    • Map pop-up information - feature details.
    • Hints for going further.
    • Updated: July, 2014
  • The Map Layers Panel (and Legend)

    • Skill level: easy
    • How to find the map layers panel (a/k/a layer list).
    • Control map layer visibility and transparency.
    • Base maps, map themes, and operational layers.
    • View the map legend.
    • Updated: October, 2014
  • How to Add Map Services

    • Skill level: intermediate
    • Does the Map Milwaukee application you are using not include the layer you're looking for?  Follow these instructions on how to add other maps from the City of Milwaukee.
    • Updated: March, 2014
  • How to Export Property Data to a Spreadsheet

    • Skill level: advanced
    • Using Map Milwaukee: Property Information, view property data and export it as a CSV file, which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
    • Updated: May, 2014

Featured Services

In addition to the newsletter, we distribute a "Featured GIS Service" email.  We do this to keep users informed and reminded of available map services and how to user them.  Fore complete documentation of GIS services provided by the City of Milwaukee, and instructions on how to add them as layers to Map Milwaukee applications, be sure to check out the Services page in the Map Milwaukee Portal.

  • Special_Districts

    • A map service with layers representing a number of different districts/areas used for various forms of planning and administration by the City of Milwaukee
    • May, 2014

  • parcels_mprop

    • A resource for the City of Milwaukee parcel map and MPROP attribute data.
    • Also includes map layers representing commonly requested selections and/or classifications
    • June, 2014

  • election_geography

    • A central resource for locations and boundaries of the City of Milwaukee polling places, voting wards, and representative districts.
    • October, 2014



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