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The positions listed below are not open at this time and are provided for information purposes only (do not submit resumes or transcripts). Select a Job Title for the job description and minimum requirements.  For current job openings, go to

  1. Accounting Intern, part-time (Office of the Comptroller)  03.05.13
  2. Code Enforcement Intern  04.16.15
  3. College Intern (Board of Zoning Appeals)  08.08.14
  4. College Intern (Dept. of Administration, Business Operations Division)  03.20.12
  5. College Intern (Dept. of Employee Relations, Compensation Services) 03.10.16
  6. College Intern, Engineering Intern (DPW-Water Works, Engineering)  2009
  7. College Intern, Geographic Information Systems (Dept. of Administration, Information & Technology Management Division)  08.04.08
  8. College Intern, Information Systems Technician (Dept. of Public Works)  10.11.10
  9. College Intern, Investment Intern (Employes' Retirement System)  08.04.08
  10. Document Services Assistant (Dept. of Administration, Business Operations) 12.08.15
  11. Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Specialist, Temporary Landscape Laborer (02.03.17)
  12. Engineering Inspection Assistant (DPW-Infrastructure, Street/Bridges)  11.30.16
  13. Graduate Intern (Dept. of Administration, Budget & Mgmt Division)  05.17.06
  14. Graduate Intern (Dept. of Administration, Office of Environmental Sustainability)  02.07.12
  15. Graduate Intern (Board of Zoning Appeals; DPW-Administrative Services; Fire and Police Commission)  08.28.08
  16. Graduate Intern (Dept. of Neighborhood Services)  01.28.04
  17. Graduate Intern (DPW-Administrative Services)  03.30.10
  18. Graduate Intern (Fire and Police Commission)  01.14.14
  19. Transportation Operations Assistant (DPW-Infrastructure) 05.11.16
  20. Urban Forestry Intern  11.20.15

r. 03.17.17