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HOME GR/OWN Projects

  • New orchards, stormwater parks, community gardens and urban farms in Lindsay Heights and surrounding neighborhoods;
  • One-stop shopping on HOME GR/OWN website for FAQs on working with the City on community food issues;
  • Coordinating vacant lot rehabilitation efforts with the Mayor's Strong Neighborhoods Plan
  • Updating urban agriculture ordinances;
  • Serve on Steering Committees for the Institute for Urban Agriculture & Nutrition;
  • Creating link between new grower training efforts among local providers;
  • Sustaining and expanding Healthy Corner Stores;
  • Creating on-the-job training for a crew of City residents building new green infrastructure;
  • Furthering the community discussions of a new Milwaukee Food Hub; and
  • Commercial corridor improvements on North Avenue and Fond du Lac Avenues.
  •  Preparing a fund drive

There are many other great ideas and potential projects coming from community members but resources are simply not available for every great idea. One of our 2014 goals is to improve 10 vacant lots this year! For more details on our 2014 food system and HOME GR/OWN goals are found at





Contact Us

Tim McCollow, HOME GR/OWN Program Manager
414) 286-3748

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Learn More

 Urban Ag Formal Legislative Amendment

Presentation: Proposed Zoning Updates: April 2014 (Updates found near end of presentation)

How You Can Help!

Funds donated to HOME GR/OWN will be used to support City-owned vacant lot projects which coincide with the following HOME GR/OWN objectives:

  • Increase access to local, healthy food
  • Revitalizing/engaging communities